Mountain to Sea 2 - 28 x 23cm

Nest Emporium

Mountain to Sea 2 - 28 x 23cm

Medium: Ink on Canvas

Original art By Renee Kamaretsos

About Renee:
Having lived in France and Greece for several years and travelled extensively throughout Europe, I acquired inspiration from my ever changing surroundings to create beautiful contemporary art. Now back home in Australia, I have formalised my studies by completing a four year Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts.

I have a great energy and enthusiasm for painting in a variety of different genres and mediums. The freedom of watercolour, the unlimited expanse in landscape and the curves of the human figure are all fundamental elements in the creation of my desirable artworks. Looking to the natural beauty of my surrounding worlds, I like to capture the mood, harmony and rich palette of colours that effortlessly present themselves.

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