KOMPANERO Denise | Cognac

Nest Emporium

Denise is a large shoulder bag that is secured with a zip closure and has a zipped pocket on the back. Internally she has a small pocket and a zipped pocket to keep your belongings secure. Denise is handcrafted using premium washed leather and features a simple leather weave.

47 x 34 x 13cm

Every Kompanero collection is piece-dyed  a process which significantly reduces leather wastage and water consumption. Instead of crafting our bags from large pieces of tanned leather, Kompanero pieces are constructed from ‘crust’ which is leather that has been tanned and dried, but not yet treated with coloured dye. The bags in this raw state are then individually dyed and hand-finished, which not only saves the environment, but also contributes to the uniqueness within each piece that has become our signature appeal.



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